Will the site be at risk of flooding?

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 | No Comments

The project is designed to direct, control, and reduce or eliminate the current flooding that occurs on the site.  Road grades will be set to permit surface drainage in a safe manner as set out by Alberta Environment. The building grades will be set throughout to ensure that no buildings are flooded during large rainfall events.  The developer and City of Calgary are also evaluating possible regional improvements to the storm system throughout.

Storm water measures reflected in the plan include:

  • A storm water dry pond to capture and lessen off-site flows during larger storm events
  • Grading revisions that ensure overland drainage can safely pass through the site
  • Space for twinning or upgrading the major existing storm water trunk line that runs through the site, if required by The City of Calgary to improve drainage in other northwest areas

The storm water management plan has confirmed that the development will not have an adverse impact on lands upstream or downstream of the site.