Why isn’t the storm water pipe being removed to provide an open water channel?

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 | No Comments

A small, intermittent stream used to run in the area before development began some 60 years ago.  In the early 1970s, The City of Calgary removed the creek by installing a storm sewer.  Today, there is no creek on the site and the storm sewer is used as a utility.

Since there is no existing creek, a new open channel would have to be created, engineered to the latest safety standards, and landscaped to look natural.  In Highland Village Green, it would not be an extension of any existing creek as it would only connect to other storm sewers, and it is significantly isolated from other open channels such as the one on Confederation Park (which is also an engineered facility).  An open channel would also take a significant amount of space and would make it difficult to service buildings with existing infrastructure (such as the sanitary sewer pipe) that runs through the site.  As such, the project would not be feasible under these conditions.