Why did the building heights change from the initial December 2014 plans?

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 | No Comments

When the initial version of the plan was developed, the Green Line LRT down the Centre Street North alignment hadn’t yet been approved.  Those planning decisions changed the standards for development on the land along Centre Street North as it is now within a Transit-Oriented Development area. The new building heights focus density close to a potential future LRT station, and incorporate the Main Street program initiatives for development along Centre Street North.

Initially, the plan had 46 buildings at 4 storeys across the site. The community’s priority for open space led the team to reduce the number of buildings to 21*. Based on community input, the decision was made to grow up rather than out to preserve open space.

*Please note: the last edition of the reimagining newsletter contained a typo, noting 12 buildings instead of 21.

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