What will happen to the existing trees?

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 | No Comments

With the development of Highland Village Green, the estimated total number of trees is expected to be more than three times the number of trees that are presently growing on the site. The following are the estimated quantities of new trees to  be planted in the different locations of the proposed development:

  • Residential areas:  964 trees
  • Commercial areas:  36 trees
  • Residential buffers:  616 trees
  • Public parks:  98 trees
  • Streetscapes:  154 trees

The developer is also planning to retain as many existing trees as possible. With development, however, most of the existing trees will be impacted and will have to be removed.  Transplanting is not a viable option given the trees’ size, age and condition.

Based on the development design, approximately 10 per cent of the existing 600 trees could potentially be retained.  These trees will not be impacted by grading or servicing and are located for the most part along the perimeter of the development and parallel to the proposed regional pathway.