What has happened since the July 2016 Council meeting?

Posted on Dec 13, 2016 | No Comments

At its July 5, 2016 meeting, Calgary City Council voted to delay review of the Calgary’s Planning Commission’s report recommending approval of the land use amendment for Highland Village Green. They also voted to have City Administration work with the applicant and the community to develop amendments to the proposed bylaws, or potentially a new bylaw, which would include:

  • Establishing a baseline density for the site that meets Transit-Oriented Development Principles;
  • Ensuring coordination with planning for the Green Line LRT and the Main Streets project and the storm water drainage study for the Highland Park area;
  • Establishing urban design principles and guidelines to supplement Direct Control Bylaw rules around street-oriented design and other matters; and
  • Ensuring the preservation of as much open space as reasonably possible.

For the past several months, the reImagining project team has been working with The City of Calgary and area Community Associations to respond to City Council’s requests to amend specific elements of the plans for Highland Village Green.  Activities have included a series of meetings with area Community Associations, and a public design charrette process for the 40 Avenue Green Line station, both of which have resulted in change to the plan for Highland Village Green.