We already have traffic problems in Highland Park. What will the addition of 2,071 more households do?

Posted on Mar 30, 2016 | No Comments

A key priority for the plan was to protect traffic conditions in existing neighbourhoods. The proposed plan connects roadways within Highland Village Green directly to the major surrounding roadways, with no direct connections to existing residential streets, outside of the addition of an access point on 1 Street NW. This access will ensure availability/flexibility of access around the Green Line along Centre Street North and the future widening of McKnight Boulevard NW. The plan also leverages the extensive transit services already available on all sides of the site.

Most of the planned units are within 400m (a five-minute walk) of transit service along Centre Street North and 4 Street NW, and almost 70 per cent are within 600m of the approved Centre Street LRT Green Line stations at McKnight Boulevard NW and 40 Avenue NW. By concentrating the density of the site closer to Centre Street North, the plan provides a strong connection to this major transit corridor, which is expected to substantially reduce the amount of new traffic generated compared to what would be seen in a typical suburban neighborhood in Calgary.

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