How was the plan changed during the CPAG review process?

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 | No Comments

Key changes made as a result of the technical review include:

  • Reduction in height of the buildings along Centre Street North, from 18 storeys to 15
  • The addition of building setbacks and changes to heights to more sensitively integrate with the surrounding, low-density homes
  • A focus on orienting the buildings with doors and windows facing the street to create a safer neighbourhood and walkable street
  • The addition of a 10 metre landscape buffer to provide separation between the development and adjoining residences
  • Increase in height on the most southwest parcel, from 26 to 40 metres to accommodate Transit Oriented Development standards (the area is within 600 metres of the approved 40th Avenue NW LRT station). This area is also being considered as a location for neighbourhood commercial development (as requested by area residents).