How have you kept the community informed since the initial engagement?

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 | No Comments

The Plan began with The City of Calgary’s technical review process in December 2014. While the plan was under review, The City hosted two information sessions in January 2015, including presentation information from the reimagining project team. At the same time, The City undertook a survey, in which citizens noted they liked the plan’s green space, the increased density and the opportunity to revitalize the community.  Concerns about the proposal focused on traffic congestion, building heights and reduced parking.

In March 2016, The City of Calgary hosted an additional open house, also attended by the reimagining project team. Another information session was hosted by The City in December 2016 to share the latest revisions to the plan.

Throughout the technical review process, the reimagining project team has provided updated information on the project website, has provided email updates, and has responded to questions received on the 24-hour phone line and email line. Ongoing meetings have also taken place with the Highland Park Community Association, and with members of the public who have requested additional information.