How has the plan changed since July 2016?

Posted on Dec 13, 2016 | No Comments

Based on the input received from the local Community Associations, the technical review team and the Green Line design charrette process, several changes have been made to plans for Highland Village Green.  They include:

  • The two 18-storey towers planned to back McKnight Boulevard NW have each been reduced to eight storeys.
  • The amount of green open space has increased to encompass one-third of the site.
  • The maximum number of units has been capped at 2,070.
  • Green space has been consolidated and centralized in an 8.7 acre central park, which is 2.6 times larger than the original central park. Potential uses have been refined, and soccer fields have been added.
  • A townhouse site has been added to provide more diversity in housing options.
  • Two parcels along 40 Avenue and Highland Drive NW now allow for ground-floor commercial uses.
  • The Highland Green roadway has been removed.
  • Direct Control Districts have been amended to reflect the proposed plan changes.
  • Opportunities to preserve existing trees will be reviewed during future development phases.

You can view an illustration of the latest plans here.