How are you planning to manage traffic at 4 Street and 44 Avenue NW?

Posted on Apr 14, 2016 | No Comments

The plan does include one access to 4 Street NW at 44 Avenue NW, which is the location of the existing road that goes east into the former golf course lands.  There are several improvements that have been proposed for 44 Avenue NW as part of the application, including:

  • Modifying the grade of the road east of 4 Street NW, going into the former golf course site, so that it is less steep than today
  • Adding a new traffic signal at the intersection of 4 Street NW / 44 Avenue NW
  • Adding a new bus shelter for the northbound bus stop

Along with signal optimization improvements and turn bays at 40 Avenue NW, these improvements are expected to provide similar operations on 4 Street as you would see today, once the development is complete.

If approved, these improvements should help pedestrians, who would have traffic signals to help in crossing 4 Street NW and accessing transit services.  Vehicles on 44 Avenue NW would have green lights to allows access onto 4 Street NW, which can reduce driver frustration compared to waiting for a gap in traffic at the stop sign today.

The traffic study recommended peak-direction parking bans near the intersection to provide through-put during rush hour periods (southbound in the morning, northbound in the afternoon).  Additional turn lanes were not found to be needed at this time, however space is available on the roadway to mark turning lanes, if required in future.