Maple Projects Inc. has assembled an extensive local project team to support the creation of a new future for the former Highland Golf Course site. Over the next several months, these team members will be responsible for working with the community and The City of Calgary to create development plans that enhance and support the site and the community itself.

Land use planning and approvals:  Brown and Associates

The team from Brown will manage creative strategies for reimagining the site that align with The City of Calgary’s standards for development projects.

Transportation engineering, civil engineering and landscape architecture:  ISL Engineering

Ensuring that the project integrates into surrounding neighbourhoods, respecting the history of the community and its existing infrastructure will be part of the mandate for the ISL Engineering team.

Public engagement:  Intelligent Futures

Intelligent Futures is responsible for helping the community share their vision for the future of the site.



  1. Elaine Stringer
    November 4, 2013

    I am the community social worker for Highland Park and a city of Calgary employee. I like the transparency that seems to be your motto. I would like to make sure that HP retain green spaces as they have less than the 10% acceptable for a community. They should also get businesses in the development thinking about community economic development. What about seniors, and affordable housing? Is the development considering ” complete community”. Thanks

  2. Derek Hodges
    December 11, 2013

    North West Calgary is in desperate need of a Fully Fenced & Gated Dog Off Leash Park ! Highland Park Golf course Would be Perfect for that! The Highland Park Golf course area is LOADED With Beautiful Trees and a nice little low spot which could be made into a water feature for dogs to cool off in, during the hot summer days! There is a well known Veterinary
    Hospital at South end of Highland Park Golf course. The Club House could have a Calgary Animal Services Office, And maybe even Pet shop(s) could go in there! This way The Green Space wouldn’t have to see most of the Mature Trees cut down, and be totally dug up to put services in to allow buildings to be there! Being there is such a Low area in the land, there will have to be many Tons of Dirt Trucked in to avoid Businesses getting Flooded! A Dog Off Leash Park would be So Much Less destructive To Highland Park and the Surrounding Communities!


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