For a complete overview of the Phase 1 community feedback, you can access the What We Heard report here .

The first phase of the reImagining process saw 601 area residents contributing 353 ideas as a response to the question “How could redevelopment of the golf course improve life in the community?

From November 4 to December 2, 2013, folks shared their input online, at the Clubhouse, at a community sounding board, by email and telephone, and through social media.

The following infographic captures the process that was used to gain community feedback:

(click image below to expand)

Phase 1 infographicFeedback from the community fell into eight main categories:

  • Parks and Recreational Activity
  • Property Value
  • Traffic
  • Housing
  • Stormwater Management
  • Design
  • Commercial Development
  • Community Values

Highlights of feedback from area residents included:

  • a connection linking Confederation Park to Nose Creek
  • plenty of open space
  • no vehicle access to the new development through the existing community of Highland Park
  • housing options that accommodate seniors
  • a high-quality development that would raise property values
  • development that enhances the quality and character of Highland Park
  • an effective stormwater system

The infographic below also demonstrates the key areas of interest within the community, and the areas of the site where they are most relevant.

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What We Heard infographic

With the completion of Phase 1 of the reImagining process on December 2, project team members used  community feedback to help shape the initial design concepts for the site.  During Phase 2, from January 23 to February 10, these design concepts were available for review and feedback.

The input generated during Phase 2 is now being used to shape a final concept for the site, which will be available for community review during Phase 3 this summer.

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  1. marilynn
    February 8, 2014

    Of the two, I prefer Concept A. It seems that it would allow for more space and less crowding of existing development on the east side of 4th St. As an adjacent property owner, this is important to me.
    I also prefer the A1 streetscape design as it seems more like long term residential type development. The more dense type of development should be situated along the edge of the area such as 40th Ave and/or Centre St., allowing for some combined mixed use. These buildings should not be too high, have elevators to all floors and underground parking.
    If I were a resident of the new development I would not like to see non-resident vehicle traffic enticed in any way to use the new roadway, so that I might enjoy the peace and tranquility of my own neighbourhood without having to endure the noise and safety issues of cut-through traffic.
    One of my concerns is the development of 44 Ave as a major access point. The grade of the road makes it almost impassable in the winter. Vehicles approaching the intersection of 44 Ave and 4 St NW from the east have great difficulty making a left-hand turn (southbound) due to the volume of traffic.


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